Nispruhyog Kriyayog

My love for you is pure and unconditional.
But until you will not break the barriers of your Ego,
you will never experience the divinity of my love.

– Swami Nispruh Spandan

Swami Nispruh Spandan

Param Pujya Paramhansa Nispruh Spandan Swamiji, a Kriya yogi is a disciple of Karunavatar Shri Madan Mohanji Sahay(Guruji). Guruji started calling Swamiji as Nispruh Spandan. The word “Nispruh” means a person with no negativity or jealousy and “Spandan” means a ball of bright light which is shining in the sky on its own. Hence Swamiji is that bright light which is shining to offer his grace and blessings to those who are seeking the ultimate truth.

Swamiji has had formal education in Hindi literature, Sanskrit and Master’s degree in Philosophy. However, he was always inclined towards spirituality since childhood. This inclination was boosted by Swamiji’s father who himself was a spiritual seeker.
Blessed upon by many Gurus, Swamiji performed penance in Himalayas to satisfy his urge to seek the divine. Swamiji, during his spiritual journey, served many great spiritual masters and learnt many Vidyas like Hathayog, Kriya yog and many other Sukshma Kriyas (or subtle techniques).

Teachings of Swamiji includes Hatha and Kriyayog and he has been teaching the same in India and Finland since early 2000.His knowledge and radiance have attracted devotees and disciples from India, Finland and around the world.

Nispruhyog Kriyayog

Nispruhyog is practicing Kriyayog, which comes from Krishna Parampara. It is a sadhana or scientific meditation technique, which is performed on all the seven chakras and helps to purify oneself and reach a higher level of consciousness with ease. Nispruhyog Kriyayog is dedicated to the research & development of scientific expression of spirituality through Kriyayog to enlighten the lives of human beings.
Nispruhyog conducts online as well as offline sessions of Kriya Meditation weekly and fortnightly. We conducts residential courses for spiritual progress towards enlightenment in India and around the world. We aim to spread love, peace and Kriyayog in every corner of the universe.

Young Sadhak

Swamiji was an intense Saadhak from his teenage.

Paramhans Gyani

Swamiji attained Gyan from Guru by devotion and sewa.


Swamiji learned various Sadhanas from several Gurus.

Gruhasth Yogi

Swamiji became gruhasth as per Guruji’s instruction.

Pahadi Baba
Pahadi Baba
Pahadi Baba
With Shiv Baba
Father-Nirmohi Aghorinath (Shobharam)
With Madan Mohanji Sahay
At Guru Ashram
With Tauji
With Tauji
Tauji & HakamChand Dixit Dadaji
Guru Pranam
Shishya Pariwar
In Finland Course
In Finland Course
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Journey as Sadhak with Gurus

Swamiji’s journey as a Sadhak started at a very early stage. Even as a small child, age 2.5 years, he got divine experiences. He remembers everything from that age as well and even before that.
His father, Nirmohi Aghorinath (Shobharam) was also a sadhak from whom he learnt initial lessons of Sadhana. Many Sidhhas (enlightened sadak) used to visit Swamiji’s house and Swamiji got an opportunity to receive pearls of wisdom through satsang. Growing among these Sidhhas Swamiji got many divine experiences. Swamiji started intense sadhana from the age of 14.

Later, Swamiji left home in the search of a Guru without anything in his hand. He had a strong desire of attaining enlightenment which made him strong to face all the extremes in this phase of his life. He visited many holy places and met many saints. He stayed in different Guru ashramas in Khanddawa, Puri, Himalayas etc.
Swamiji speaks of Guru Madan Mohanji Sahay, Kriya Yogi, very lovingly with whom he stayed for the masimum periof of his spiritual journey. Guru Sahayji’s two disciples, Tauji (Banarsilal) and Hakamchand Dixit Dadaji were also used to be Swamiji’s Guru in those days.

Swamiji got Guru’s blessings by devotion and service to him. While he was studying in the University, he had many followers. With the permission from his Guruji, Swamiji initiated many fellow batchmates and professors in the University.

Swamiji’s Books

Guru Vandana

It introduces you to various mantras. Morning prayer, prayer of Guru, Chintan, shield of Guru, humble dedication and few other mantras.

Mantras are written in Hindi and English.

Beyond words and the world

It talks about eternal truth, body, soul and much more. Content includes Satsang happened with devotees and also covers Swamiji’s life stories.

Book is available in English and Finnish languages.

By Swamiji himself

It is a blessing to listen to Swamiji in Satsang. Here are few audios.

Be the person I can see in you (In Hindi)

Imaginary but the ultimate truth (In Hindi)

Challenge is in every specie’s life (In Hindi)

For one’s progress, one has to turn inwards (In Hindi)

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