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Kriya Yoga

Kriya Yoga includes the practice of Asanas, Pranayama, and spirituality. However, Kriya Yoga has a deeper purpose than just toning your body. It focuses more on the mental and spiritual benefits by the means of physical exercises and breathing techniques.

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Finland Visit 2024- Events, Courses & Feedback

Kriya Yoga Courses (2 Days)

Tampere, Jyväskylä, Helsinki courses completed.
What is Kriya Yoga? Background of Kriya yoga
How Kriya works on human body and mind
Information about Chakras and Energy transfer
Importance of Exercises, Pranayama, yoga with practical
Breathing techniques in Meditation with practical
Kriya – Learn Han-Saa meditation techniques to heal yourself, body and mind
Satsang with Pujya Guruji which enlighten us on different topics
Kriya Yog Initiation by Swamiji

Course participant’s Experience

I came to know about Kriyayog from my friends living here in Finland. I had tried one online session earlier, about 2 years back, and was a little doubtful about myself, what if I am not doing the meditation correctly, how will the teacher know and what will be the effects on my health.  Honestly, I wasn’t sure if I was eligible for this type of yoga/ meditation. Also, since it was online, I was not able to establish trust, which was wrong on my part. 

I missed yet another chance to meet Swamiji a year before because of some health reasons. But as destiny had it, this year, I was able to attend Swamiji’s lecture on Kriyayoga in Helsinki. On the first day of the lecture, I was still a little adamant, but as the day passed, my mind started getting involved in Swamiji’s speech. The lessons he was giving and the stories he narrated slowly started to make an impact on my mind. 

I felt less negativity in myself right from day 1. I started getting interested to know more about Kriyayog. I understood that there is science behind it, and that has made me more interested and curious to know more about this practice.

I feel a lot positive and peaceful while talking with Swamiji or even by just being in his presence. It feels as if some burden has gotten away from me. The exercises that He has taught all have a scientific background and are good for both the physical and mental health of a person.

I am looking forward to learning a lot more from Swamiji and am grateful to God that I am now acquainted with him. I also thank my friends here, who introduced me to Swamiji’s course on Kriyayoga. I am aware that I have a long way to go. This is just the beginning of a new chapter. 


Tampere Course

Participant feedback

Hariom! This course was an opportunity to know the science behind spirituality. Swamiji explained Kriyayog and how it works on us. I am happy to say- my wrong beliefs were broken. My questions were answered satisfactorily. Swamiji taught 3 different meditation techniques and we practiced those in course. Satsang with Swamiji was a blissful experience.

-Pradnya (Course Participant)

Jyväskylä Course

Participant feedback

Hariom! This yoga path has been an opportunity for growth and a gracious journey of purification. It has brought meaning, more stability and a new kind of awareness/peace to my life. Swamiji has guided me out of various illusions. *Even the loudest monkey mind can be silenced with the right techniques and the guidance of a Guru. Deep gratitude for everything. 

-Lajvanti (Course Participant)

Mantra Music Evening


Date – 16 th April
Time – 18-19:00
Cost – 10€ / Adult
PikkuHuopalahden Asukastalo, Tilkantori 12, 00300 Helsinki
Contact – (358) 44 362 9552

Bal Sanskar KriyaYoga

Coming Up

Date – Scheduled In April
Time – 10-16:00
Cost – 50€/Child
Hey Kiddos ..Place to be announced soon (Espoo/Helsinki)
Contact – (358) 40 631 0499
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