Yoga Philosophy

Yoga Philosophy: The thought we put logically or the critical discussion we perform by taking spirituality or Adhyatma into account is Yoga philosophy. Broadly there are two yoga philosophies. 1. Vyaktigat 2. Sarvajanik

Interpretation of the reality without opening our eyes with yogic wisdom can be described by an ancient Indian story about the blind men and the elephant. Since none of them had seen a real elephant. Each of them imagined different things after touching and groping the different parts of the elephant. First one interpreted the trunk as a snake. The second one thought about the legs as tree-trunk. The third one thought the elephant was a Supa (used to clean rice) after touching his ears. 

The fourth one interpreted the elephant’s body as a wall. The fifth one, on the other hand, thought about the elephant to be a spear after touching his tusk. Although they all tried, due to the limitation of lack of vision, all five of them could not understand the reality in a correct manner.

Like the example, We feel or try to understand the god only through the limited knowledge we have, either through book or some other means. The knowledge one gains through book may make him/her egoistic. This is how  one tries to identify himself or herself with different identity, religion, caste etc. The moment one understands self through spiritual knowledge his ego dilutes and he/she becomes refined or pure. Through inner realization one understands that the god is the combination of all.

Everything a human being feels as important, changes based on time, place and situation. For example, if a hungry person is asked to make a choice between food and money he would always choose food over money because that is the prime need in that situation. All our demands are need and situation based and not any criteria imposed by GOD. In order to come out of this need based desire one has to go through self realization till then no matter how much ever one possesses materialistic pleasure he/she still looks for something bigger and higher only to get un satisfied or disillusioned in material world. That is why it is very important to look within than outside.