Food Courses

“जैसा खाओ अन्न वैसा रहे मन ”

“What food we eat our mental state becomes that”

Every plant, every animal every person who is preparing the food will have their own feeling (Aabhav)

Broadly the food can be categorised into positive food and negative food. The more alkaline, vegetarian  and satvik food we eat, the more positive we feel.

Animals have their own emotional feelings, they undergo a lot of fear, anxiety when it is taken to produce meat. When such food comes on our table and we consume it we undergo the same kind of emotional feeling such as anxiety, fear, anger and depression we get as well.

The food that we eat resides in the mouth as the pleasure of taste for a very short time compared to the amount of time in the stomach. Hence, it is important that we eat such food that gives us positive energy rather than short time pleasure.

In our tradition, there is a whole big science about food, its preparation, the way of consumption, time of consumption etc. Not all healthy food can be consumed throughout the year, every season has a wide variety of food consumption.

Finally, “Eat healthy and live healthy”.

Here, we introduce the whole course  about food, its preparation etc according to traditional yogic science.