About Swami Nispruh Spandan

My love for you is pure and unconditional.
But until you will not break the barriers of your Ego,
you will never experience the divinity of my love.

Swami Nispruh Spandan

Param Pujya Paramhansa Nispruh Spandan Swamiji, a Kriya yogi is a disciple of Karunavatar Shri Madan Mohanji Sahay(Guruji). Guruji started calling Swamiji as Nispruh Spandan. The word “Nispruh” means a person with no negativity or jealousy and “Spandan” means a ball of bright light which is shining in the sky on its own. Hence Swamiji is that bright light which is shining to offer his grace and blessings to thosewho are seeking the ultimate truth.

Swamiji has had formal education in Hindi literature, Sanskrit and Master’s degree in Philosophy. However, he was always inclined towards spirituality since childhood. This inclination was boosted by Swamiji’s father, who was himself a spiritual seeker.

Blessed upon by many Gurus, Swamiji performed penance in Himalayas to satisfy his urge to seek the divine. Swamiji, during his spiritual journey, served many great spiritual masters and learnt many Vidyas like Hathayog, Kriya yog and many other Sukshma Kriyas (or subtle techniques).

Teachings of Swamiji includes Hatha and Kriya yoga and he has been teaching the same in India and Finland since early 2000.His knowledge and radiance have attracted devotees and disciples from India, Finlandand around the world.

Photo: Keijo Penttinen