About Nispruh Yog

Nispruh yog is Kriya yog, which came from Krishna parampara. It is a sadhana or scientific meditation technique, which is performed on all the seven chakras. This meditation technique works on all the seven chakras and helps to purify oneself and reach a higher level of consciousness with ease.

Kriya yog is also performed with certain chants, which are taken from Vedas. The letters of the chants are chosen in such a way that they perform different kinds of vibrations and effects on chakras. Such chants will energize chakras and help in bringing down the negativity in our body. With this technique the hidden energy called Kundalini gets activated.

One who practices this meditation technique becomes healthy mentally, physically and attains a certain level of mental balance where he is neither happy, nor sad, neither excited nor depressed, neither wish or desire for anything. Practitioners of kriya yog know to handle every situation with ease and  balance.